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Phoneseva is an standalone mobile service provider that provides protection plans on mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Phoneseva offers affordable range of repair coverage against accidental and liquid damage.

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Our Story

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, so if you break or spill on your phone it’s easy to feel helpless without it.

According to a research, almost a quarter (24%) of smartphone owners breaks their screen at least once a year. Infact, latest designs are more slippery with high demand of g-lastic and shiny body.

This is where mobile phone protection plans can give you peace of mind. If something happens to your mobile phone, it is protected by the cover, so it won’t cost you hundreds of pounds to repair it.

Whether you lose your phone, it gets stolen, or you crack its screen, mobile phone insurance can cover you if disaster strikes – even if the phone’s warranty has ended.

We are dedicated for support and assistance. We are easy to contact – and you can drop an hello to us – please visit Contact Page.

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Our Values

No matter what size our business grows to, these are the values that guide our decision making everyday

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We’re open, trustworthy and down to earth

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We’re passionate about what we do

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We put our customers first

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We strive for excellence

Repair Replacement Timeframe24-72 hours7-10 days
Protection for old phonesYesNo
Claim per planUnlimited until
invoice value
1 Claim only
Activation & Claim ProcessOnlineOffline
Support and Assistance24×7Limited